Weird Is Good, Just Ask Globe

I like weirdness as long as it isn’t a precursor to a serious mental illness.  I say yes to strangely lit photos of abstract objects taken at witching hour, I say no to torturing small animals in your adoptive parents basement.  On a less polarised scale of weirdness, I have love for women with gaps in between their front teeth and freckles that tell a story of innocence.  I do not like girls that wear Harry Potter capes and dream of attending Hogwarts, at age 24.  My interest in the unusual has crept into my surf world almost unrecognised, like the uneasiness that creeps into my mind when someone offers tequila.  Globe’s obscure flick Secret Machine was my precious, I used to stroke it before embarking on a coastal reckie. Mod Col has displaced it, maybe not forever, but long enough for dust to settle on the cover sleeve.  Globe must have sensed this relegation.  It is re-entering the fray, with heavy colour saturation, slow motion finners and fleeting visions of female forms.  This snippet hints at reclaiming the position of preciousness, I await the release with unease.  Watch at the link below from Surfing Magazine:


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