Metal Music, Mental Levels Of Pectoralis Damage

i seriously can't do what that chicks doing

i seriously can't do what this chick is doing

Fitness comes to those who deny the couch its birth right, that of providing comfort. This comfort is not positive, it’s a sapping black hole of foam, sent to shatter dreams of achievement. I spilt something weird on my couch a while back and now I don’t like sitting in the smell. Hence I went back to the gym. What came about from this gym visit was pectoralis destruction. I cannot lift my arms. If someone wants me to point something out to them, it better be below waist level or else I’m f*cked. “Excuse me, which way to the nearest bus stop? Oh, it’s on the floor, 2 yards away is it, I don’t think so you twat”. The blame for my pectoralis damage is not leveled at the weights or my hands that facilitated the weights. Instead I look to the soundtrack of my gym visit and find the culprit; metal. Sweet riffage pumped me so full of energy that I lifted what I was lifting in November last year when the gym was my second home. Not good. I’m paying everyday when I eat, shower, drive, type and use had gestures. Here’s the list, listen with care:

Converge – Dark Horse

All Shall Perish – Until The End

Architects – Every Last Breath

As Blood Runs Black – My Fears Have Become Phobias

Baroness – The Sweetest Curse

Dead And Divine – You Are Cordially Invited

Dead Swans – Swallow

Defeater – Everything Went Quiet

Eyes Of A Traitor – Echoes

The Ghost Of A Thousand – Left For Dead

High On Fire – Waste Of Tiamat

Hypocrisy – Global Domination

Katatonia – Forsaker

Narrows – Sea Witch

The Red Chord – Demoralizer

Suicide Silence – Lifted

This Is Colour – Brothers In Arms

This Is Hell – Remnants

United Nations – The Shape Of Punk That Never Came

Your Demise – Feels Like There’s Something Dark Inside


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