Questions Occur Above The Clouds

Yeah, I’ve been away again.  This time a work based trip led me to the desert.  There were things in the desert that changed my perception of an office, of a chair and of a trip agenda.  The meaning of all this left me around the time the desert did.  In the air, making pretzels last an hour or more, listening to the rattling of an aged flying machine, a thought took refuge in my mind.  It was initially a simple; “do I want to ride my Quad or Tri-Fin next time I jaunt coastward”?  I had only apple juice in my system, no alcohol, why then the instant headache?  Because of the question you fool, or maybe it was the overhead lights, but whatever, it was the question.  I used to be a Quad conneseur, reveling in speed.  Recently though, new purchases in the Thruster department relegated the Quad to being the “sketchy shorey surf” board of choice.  That was mean of me.  I feel adding a fin has lost me something else and so the sky question was born.

I’m imagining staring out over Jordan River, seeing the unabated beauty of clean lines, 90 mini mals, 3 rippers and 14 actual tree logs spread out along the point.  What do I want to use to join the menage a vingt-trois?  Who should accompany me out into the fluid playground and allow me to wide poo-stance destroy section after section after section?

I did not answer this question in the air.  I was eventually distracted by an offer of more juice.  Unanswered questions have a habit of wedging inside my head.  I would like to remove this wedge as the other day  I forgot how to photocopy because of it.  Here are some inspirational images to help the wedge removal.


Tomo Quadrofoil

Cole Firefly

Tri Fins:

…Lost Firewire F1

Channel Islands Dumpster Driver


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