The Life Of A Slayer Is Cold

The coldest surf competition on Earth is happening as we speak on the western shores of Van Island.  Tofino is the hostess with voluptuous shores where waves break and scores are given, dreams are made and brains are frozen.  I watched the first day of the comp and shit the devan was it sick.  Pete Devries, the Great White North’s hope, destroyed all oncoming sections and made me proud even though I am from somewhere else.  Cox Bay was cranking, closeouts a plenty, but if you picked the right one froth was guaranteed. 

 The WQS is a slog, the comps are boring, the waves are shat, the constant travel is brutal, being a pro surfer is tough, democracy is real, the financial meltdown was not engineered, you should drink formaldehyde. 

 I do not agree with the above statements with commas, in fact I scoff at them.  I would give one nad and a kidney to be a pro and yes, the grass is always greener, but surely with the right attitude fun will find you on the QS.

 Check these cold clips to see if you agree, or scoff at me:


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