Back To It Then And Please Believe The Hype

Hello, I was once a neanderthal skulled blogger of sorts, with at least 2 views per day of my single finger typing results.  Then I went away to a place where job fulfillment is best friends with self esteem and they both hate on motivation.  That place smells of biege and has Step Into Liquid screening on repeat.  I’ve crawled back to string sentences together that have meaning or just to show off some rad shit.  Speaking of rad shit, there’s this surf film, Modern Collective, not sure if you’ve heard about it, well it comes out soon.  I for one, am hurting to see this flick, I think it’s due to the flashy cutting and lack of landings in the trailer (if any of those airs are throw away I will go Peterson Rosa on that shit).  Then again, maybe it will suck sack.  November will reveal all.


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