Can Socks Ever Be Cool?

Am I a dick for even considering this question?  Yes, but it still needs to be answered. No, is my answer.  The Volcom Artist Series is the closest I think you can come, as sock puppets are fucking rad no doubt.  But there’s still something not right here.  Socks are the least cool, least sexy, perpetually de-pairing, last to be bought, first to be needed, clothing item ever.  I would go without them completely, eradicate them from my life, but doing so clearly halves the length of time one’s shoes can last before they become vinegar and cheese stained cesspools, the enemies of girlfriend, the friends of dog.  So instead I buy sports ankle socks and look like a visor wearing, former under achieving high school athlete.  And I’m done…socks will not be mentioned on Cutties And Floaters again, I’m out.

sick sock

sick sock

it's a puppet

it's a puppet


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