Pending Return To The Land Of Previous Constipation

I went to Indo and loved certain parts of it.  I loved the waves and the friendly locals, but this is not a Surfline article so we won’t focus on that shit.  Instead we will focus on what I didn’t love.  I didn’t love being constipated for a week and having to shove enemas up my dark place, in a hot bamboo hut, which coincided with the best waves of the trip.  I didn’t love the wave situation on that day which forced me to attempt the 1km paddle out whilst the enema was working its shit-storming magic in my dark place.  I didn’t love the brutal aqua turd fiasco that began as I entered the line-up.

It seems like these guys didn’t contract the concrete colon on their trip and watching the video below makes me want to risk a return trip.  I’m going to ask my dark place if it’s ok first though.


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