I Can’t Remember The Drive To Work



I was not under the influence, I was not on psychotropic substances, and I was not asleep.  I was suddenly at work.  How the Cedric Pioline did that occur?  The last thing I remember was cleaning my teeth, looking in the mirror and thinking why I was blessed with pubes for hair.  Next thing I was checking emails wondering how the fruit flies enjoyed the banana skin in my bin over the weekend.  I believe this incident to be dangerous.  Why did it occur and how to stop repeat screenings?   I’ve not been outwardly harsh to anyone in the last few weeks, so poisoning can be ruled out (although The Hoofed Upstairs Merchants Of Noise are under suspicion all day, everyday).  Which leaves either transient global amnesia or terminal boredom.  I’m siding with terminal boredom as the transient amnesia has no explanation and therefore no cure. How do you beat terminal boredom?  Find out where it lives, ask it’s Mum if it can come and play then take it down the rec and kick it in with electronic music.  The best type of kicking can be dished when the music is free.  So here are my anti-terminal boredom sites where you will find mix-tapes a plenty.

audioporn central

dummy mag

big stereo


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