Something Different In The Surf Industrial Complex = Pandas

You know what, I’m still battered from beer golf 2 days ago, so inspiration has been lacking to say the least.  I’ve been reduced to groans and coffee ingestion.  With the down turn in mood taking it’s toll for the second day, I escaped to the light in my life that is surfing.  I didn’t actually go surfing due to my land locked status.  Instead I chose surf porn discovery but this instantly caused problems.  I don’t know about you but I find 95% of everything I look at on-line about surfing is as mind numbing as listening to Oprah interview Heidi Pratt.  There are definite exceptions, Stab, Runamuk, The Modern Collective, …Lost and Post Surf are worth checking out regularly.  But as for new material, it’s like trying to find a consistant message in the Bible, it just doesn’t happen.  So when I spotted this beauty, it made my waters shift.

you make me want to punt
you make me want to punt

I present to you The Weapon by Panda Surfboards.  They make these and other craft in Mona Vale, AUS.  Now I do admit I vom’d slightly in my mouth when I found out they shape SUPs as well but forgiveness was granted as I’m a sucker for crisp modern branding.  The century of the self in full effect; I am me through my product choices alone.

P.S  You know they shape these whilst wearing scarfs in summer.


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