Heavy Riffs Defeat Evil Day

I had a shit day at work.  Usually it’s Monday that brutalizes me, but this week Tuesday decided to kick Monday in the bread basket and take wanker of the week award.  Some folk find soothing music makes them feel better when shit hits the turbine.  I don’t.  I’m all about getting psyched up and using the shitness to create anger.  Tough music gives me the strength to do it and definitely got me through today.  So, my first music post is to tip my hat to heaviness, the heaviness that is “Unearth”.  5 guys from ‘north of Boston’, that got me through Tuesday 11th Aug 2009 with damaging guitars and face twisting breakdowns.  I compare it to being punched in the face and liking it.  Plus anyone who describes their twitter as “a shit blizzard” is golden, sitting high in the cutties and floaters list of the fucking rad.

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/unearth




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