The thing that makes the weekend so sick, is multi-visits to the supermarket.   This is my landlocked version of Jordy’s ‘best manuever ever as voted by people who work at the companies that sponsor him’ rodeo.  Today I have been twice, once for hangover pills and the second for nutrition.  Supposedly I have enough food for the rest of the weekend but the yearning to return tomorrow is strong and I know something will come up that warrants it.  I love the queueing, the asian adult dressed as a small child complete with bob the builder back pack and blonde wig-hat, the angry youth that mans the till and the opportunistic entrance bum who’s body odour creates a fog that I must swim in before access is granted.  Here’s to the multi-visits, they remove a piece of my soul every time I step through the doors.

To combat the soul removal a photo of something excellent; a friend in a cupboard.  It was there for the taking.

denver in the video unit

denver in the video unit


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